Polypore has the enabling technology that makes the world a better place.

You may not recognize Polypore by name, but chances are our products touch your life every day.

As a leading global high technology company specializing in microporous membranes, we bring advanced development and manufacturing know-how as well as unique problem-solving capabilities to your lithium-ion and lead-acid battery applications.

Polypore is the market leader in lithium-ion membrane battery separators for electric drive vehicles (EDVs) that include cars, buses and bikes. Our teams are also at the heart of product innovation in advancing lead-acid battery systems for idle stop-start vehicles that require a robust battery design where the engine is started at a higher frequency to simultaneously power all the auxiliary devices without interruption.

Lithium-ion and lead-acid batteries also play a critical role in energy storage systems (ESS) for storing and releasing power generated by wind turbines and solar panels. Lead-acid technology offers low maintenance, better cycling and improved charge acceptance, which is great in remote locations while lithium-ion technology offers a compact solution with high capacity and fast discharge rates. ESS applications have differing technical requirements that determine whether lithium, lead-acid or a combination of the two is the best option.

As more devices and technologies require advanced power options, there are also many specialty applications that rely on lithium and lead-acid innovation such as aircraft and drone batteries and ultra-capacitors. Some membrane variants also provide excellent properties for transdermal drug delivery and specialty textile applications.

Our Expertise

We are focused on microporous membranes and employ many of the world’s top membrane experts.

Product Types

Polypore develops and manufactures a large portfolio of membranes suitable for many lithium-ion and lead-acid cell chemistries.


Polypore has scale, critical mass and the local resources to meet the needs of customers around the world.

Our People

Our diverse team members around the globe develop ideas and technologies that enable us to capture the exciting opportunities that lie ahead.