Celgard® battery separators are critical components of lithium battery systems. Whether your battery designs require long battery life, high discharge rates, structural integrity at high temperatures or something in between, it’s critical to have the correct combination of components to address these issues. Celgard’s highly-engineered battery separators optimize chemistry and coating options to deliver excellent long-term cycle performance and safety.

We employ the best scientists and engineers and partner with customers to truly understand the application requirements and solve technical challenges that come with the tightening technical requirements in todays markets.

Celgard has a long history of supplying separators for portable handheld devices such as notebook computers, tablets, and mobile phones. Our separators have proven beneficial in high-performance applications including lithium power tools, backup power and electricity grid management systems.

The most significant advancements in lithium battery technology can be found in electric drive vehicles (EDVs). The use of lithium batteries has allowed the market to evolve and take on many forms from hybrids, to plug-ins, to full battery electrics and vehicles that include buses, taxis and other fleet vehicles. Oxidation resistance and dimensional stability over a wide operating temperature range are two of many features that allow Celgard® battery separators to provide excellent chemical, mechanical and cycling performance in EDV lithium battery systems.